Final of Handicap Pairs Winners Lyn Hawley and Ronda Sullivan defeated Alison Hampstead and Rose Ryan. Warren Murray and Ron Sullivan defeated Mick and Logan Parry.

Championship Rounds

Handicap Singles: Teressa Rose defeated Marie Bexon. Lyn Hawley defeated Mary Millar. Maxine Christoff defeated Dianne Wynne in a very close game 31/30.

Mixed Pairs: Wayne and Melissa Arandale defeated Rick Jermyn and Dianne Wynne.

Triples: Barry Beetson, Wayne Arandale and Les Bexon defeated Rex Vane, Todd Rope and Ron Smith in another close game to get up by one shot. Jake Waterhouse Tim Ryan and Craig Rodis defeated Kevin Reynolds, Paul Walsh and Patrick Hogan.

Tuesday Golden Oldies: Winners Steven Read, Mick McGlynn and Patrick Hogan.

Friday night: Winners Rodney Ryan, Mick Miles and Peter Lawrence.

Sunday: Winners Phil Gibson, Ron Sullivan and Adam Jermyn.

Twilight Bowls

Round 4

Melissa Arandale, Don Smith and Mary Arandale defeated Warren Murray, Tex and Jeff Leek. Dianne Wynne, Jason and Katie Sinclair defeated Lyn Hawley, Teressa Rose and Ron Smith (sub).

Ron Sullivan, Steven Read and Ronda Sullivan defeated Les and Marie Bexon and Paul Walsh. Maxine Christoff, Rodney Ryan (sub) and Colin Williamson defeated Tom Howard, Bill Barrow and Alison Hampstead.

The AGM will be held Monday October 28 at 7pm.

Wednesday night October 23 the Badge Draw is valued at $400. Robb’s Butchery vouchers draws are on Wednesday nights.

Sunday lunch time draws for IGA vouchers.

Giveaway draws sponsored by Tooheys LTPM/13/00876 commencing Friday November 20 through to December 31 2013. Spend $5 at the bar for a ticket.

There will be weekly prizes and monthly prizes Friday nights at 8pm.

Major draw will be Wednesday December 31. A sheet is on the board at the club listing the prizes. All prize winners must be present and a financial member.

Friday night raffles and bowls extravaganza 10x$15 vouchers at Robb’s Butchery drawn at 8pm.

Anyone who plays bowls on Friday night receives $10 worth of tickets free.

Events coming up:

On Sunday 3 November 10.30am the Bowling Club will be holding a Charity Day which is for Pink Day and Spencer Blackall.

This will be great fun day for the families and anyone interested in a game of bowls and while doing so you will be supporting two very worthy causes. Notices and nomination sheet are on the board Nominations close 6.00pm Friday 1 November.

There will be bowls (which can be supplied by the club), raffles, music by Royden Donohoe, loads of activities for kids and adults such as jumping castle, face painting, egg and spoon races, three legged and sack races, masses of novelty events, cake and candy stall.

Prizes for best dressed and the list goes on. Anneleise Shields has put up a challenge to all that she will have her locks removed on the day if the target of $2000.00 is raised.

Everyone should make a donation to help Anneleise reach the target of $2000.00 and anyone who cannot be there on the day may leave donations at the bowling club.

There is a list on the board for salads so please all (male or female) get your names down for a salad etc.

Bowls Times:

Wednesday Night Twilight Bowls

Tuesday Golden Oldies names in by 10.00am

Friday Night names in by 5.30 start 6.00pm

Saturday names in by 1pm start 1.30

Sunday names in by 10.00am start 10.30 am

o Final Handicap Pairs winners Lyn Hawley and Ronda Sullivan. Second were Alison Hampstead and Rose Ryan.

Final Handicap Pairs: second Mick and Logan Parry, winners Ron Sullivan and Warren Murray.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST: Rae Brewster with the West Coast Sentinel dress, which she displayed with Gay Fiebig (nee Tharaldsen) in the West Coast Sentinel to celebrate Streaky Bay’s 75th anniversary in 1963.STREAKY Bay celebrated an important milestone at the weekend with the Streaky Bay District Council celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Events for the weekend included the Jetty Memories exhibition, which opened on Friday evening.

The exhibition displayed items relating to the history of the town, and it’s well known jetty.

This included old photographs, journals and items from the jetty itself.

Jayne Holland of Country Arts SA was emcee for the event andmayor Rob Stephens provided a brief history of the council.

Another history lesson was provided by Rae Brewster, who spoke about her personal experiences relating to the town and the jetty.

The audience were then paid a royal visit from “Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England”, who gave her own personal insight into the Streaky Bay jetty.

She said the jetty had seen a lot happen since it was completed in 1896.

“If it were walked today by one who trod its board in the last days of the 19th century, it’s possible that about the only differences one would notice as they left the shoreline would be the new fencing, particularly on the left where none existed previously, the swimming enclosure and light poles on the right,” she said.

ABC Open’s Emma Pedler showed her video postcard of the Streaky Bay jetty and people were able to vote for a people’s choice artwork.

Streaky Bay student Ryan Trezona won the title and the $300 prize for ‘Streaky Bay Jetty Collage’.

“I’ve had the idea in my head ever since I heard about the competition, so I gathered the photos from the council and got the boogie board from my nan’s house,” he said.

“Art is my favourite subject at school.”

Celebrations continued with the Jetty Festival on Saturday, with hundreds of people going along.

Mayor Rob Stephens said the council had seen a lot of changes in its 125 years, and there was still a lot to come.

“It’s getting exciting with the hospital extension and the sport complex redevelopment going on,” he said.

“Things are happening again, people are showing interest in town and confidence is very good.”

Mr Stephens also commended the redeveloped foreshore and said the council had applied for a stage two grant for more work.

People enjoyed the newly redeveloped jetty precinct and foreshore area and there were activities and entertainment.

GALLERY: Jetty Memories exhibition:http://www.westcoastsentinel苏州纹眉学校.au/story/1852512/gallery-jetty-memories-exhibition/?cs=1799.

GALLERY: Streaky Bay Council 125th celebrations:http://www.westcoastsentinel苏州纹眉学校.au/story/1852582/gallery-streaky-bay-council-125th-celebrations/?cs=1799.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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WOW it’s truly amazing after so many years of total inaction that so much is happening right now to reverse Tamar River degradation.

First we have the start of what appear to be very successful silt- raking trials possibly to be followed in the near future by a program to prevent river bank erosion by planting trees and shrubs on creeks upstream and fencing river banks to restrict cattle (The Examiner, October14).

A 2010 report for NRM North identified agriculture as contributing some 26 per cent of the silt found in the Tamar so it is most appropriate that this program proceeds and good on all those involved for taking the initiative.

The community looks forward to shortly seeing implementation of the $500,000 scoping study “to find short, medium and long-term solutions to stop sewage entering the Tamar River”, promised by Bass Liberal MHR Andrew Nikolic prior to his election (The Examiner, August 13).

The only negative in what appears to be a very positive outlook for the Tamar is the lack of will to pursue Hydro Tasmania for an increase in Cataract Gorge flows, the reduction of which for 55 years have definitely, and most significantly, contributed to the demise of the Tamar’s upper reaches.

Given Hydro Tasmania’s $238million record-breaking profit last financial year, following numerous similar events in previous years (returns in which Trevallyn Power station played a major role), the organisation can well afford to increase gorge flows in an effort not only to restore Tamar River health but also in recognition and acknowledgment of the contributions South Esk River flows have made to filling its coffers (The Examiner, October11).

– JIM COLLIER, Legana.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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THE Laundry’s philosophy to bring quality food,mixology and service to Busselton continues as it expands to showcase musiciansevery Friday night.

As part of its Live at the Laundry sessions itplans to hold regular special events throughout the year.

The Laundry Café has evolved in every way,including a new name Laundry43.

As a celebration to launch the new name we hostedworld class blues musician Lloyd Spiegel, combined with Laundry class canapés,mixology and service.

It was a sold out event On October 11 which thecrowd was treated to an unforgettable evening.

Laundry43 continued the celebrations last Fridaynight hosting the very talented Courtney Murphy who entertained the crowd witha sensational voice and incredible keyboard tunes in our newly refurbishedvenue.

Talent: Courtney Murphy performs for the crowd.

Team: Laundry43 manager Tom Pearsall, media liaison Karis Silke and head chef Sam Atkinson.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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The water was quite brisk, however there were still quite a few burglars breaking their times.

Apparently, “Our Mate” Col Eldridge dipped his toes in the water on Saturday afternoon and decided he didn’t need to win chickens for a while. Looking forward to seeing you back Col.

After the swim, we headed back to the RSL for the famous Splashers breakfast.

Some of our Splashing fraternity are in travel mode. The Cluderay’s are cruising to the Land of the Long White Cloud to study NZ swimming techniques. On their return, I’m sure we’ll learn new burglaring methods.

Dick “Wireless” Whiteford and wife Bev are travelling to see family and country music festivals.

Good to see Penny “Bomber” Hoy back and striking early good form with a win in the 100 metres final.

AIF Swimming Championships will be held at Nelson Bay, mid March, 2014.

The Finn Family are well-represented in the Splashers. Noel, Lisa and Hayley swam on Sunday and “Do the Lot” Don Finn swam the previous Sunday.

New members are always welcome.

Come along to the local swimming pool 9am every Sunday for a morning of health, fun and fellowship.

All swimming events are handicapped or nominated times, so it doesn’t matter how slow or fast you are, everyone has an equal chance of winning the succulent Splashers Chickens.

Sunday’s results were:-

30 Metres Final

1st Hayley “Power Point” Finn

2nd Nigel “Swivel Neck” Tyack

3rd Vicki “ Chicken Queen” Cluderay

50 Metres Final 1st Lyn “Mouse” Hodge

2nd Nigel “Swivel Neck” Tyack

3rd Lisa “Little Spark” Herbert

Brace Relay Final 1st “Rollin Ron Lovett and Greg “Sneakin” Deacon (1.50 seconds outside their nominated time.)

2nd “Curly Col” & Vicky “Chicken Queen” Cluderay

3rd Lisa “Little Spark” Herbert & Lyn “Mouse” Hodge

100 Metres Final 1st Penny “Bomber” Hoy

2nd “Curly Col” Cluderay

3rd Greg “Sneakin” Deacon

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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