OVER the last few weeks Snowy River Shire Council has received and investigated many complaints of dogs attacking livestock and other dogs.

Under law, an attack includes rushing at, chasing any person or animal, attacking, biting and harassment, whether or not any actual injury is caused.

For example if a dog chases school children down the street or rushes at someone it is still considered an attack.

All attacks are taken very seriously. The consequences of owning a dog involved in an attack are very broad and may involve orders to surrender the dog, have the dog destroyed or declared dangerous.

Heavy fines can be imposed as well as the possibility of owners being sued for damages.

It is the owners’ responsibility to keep animals under effective control at all times. They should take the time to check fences, chains, collars etc.

The council has also reminded all Companion Animal owners that the amnesty for unregistered dogs and cats ends on October 31.

Fines will be applied following the grace period for failing to microchip and/or register your pet.

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