WOW it’s truly amazing after so many years of total inaction that so much is happening right now to reverse Tamar River degradation.

First we have the start of what appear to be very successful silt- raking trials possibly to be followed in the near future by a program to prevent river bank erosion by planting trees and shrubs on creeks upstream and fencing river banks to restrict cattle (The Examiner, October14).

A 2010 report for NRM North identified agriculture as contributing some 26 per cent of the silt found in the Tamar so it is most appropriate that this program proceeds and good on all those involved for taking the initiative.

The community looks forward to shortly seeing implementation of the $500,000 scoping study “to find short, medium and long-term solutions to stop sewage entering the Tamar River”, promised by Bass Liberal MHR Andrew Nikolic prior to his election (The Examiner, August 13).

The only negative in what appears to be a very positive outlook for the Tamar is the lack of will to pursue Hydro Tasmania for an increase in Cataract Gorge flows, the reduction of which for 55 years have definitely, and most significantly, contributed to the demise of the Tamar’s upper reaches.

Given Hydro Tasmania’s $238million record-breaking profit last financial year, following numerous similar events in previous years (returns in which Trevallyn Power station played a major role), the organisation can well afford to increase gorge flows in an effort not only to restore Tamar River health but also in recognition and acknowledgment of the contributions South Esk River flows have made to filling its coffers (The Examiner, October11).

– JIM COLLIER, Legana.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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