Mitchell Breitfuss (HD), Harry Paradice (HD), Clare Kirk (D), Keegan Knott (D), Lucy Schroeder (HD) and Josie Sinclair (D). Absent students: Austin Beck (D), Joshua Matthes (D) and Harrison Marshall (D).Students at Snowy Mountains Grammar School (SMGS) recently completed the Australian Science Innovations Big Science Competition, an international competition that examines thinking critically and problem solving.

Students entered the competition on a voluntary basis. The results proved outstanding for SMGS with:

n Three High Distinctions (95 per cent and above).

n Six Distinctions (85-94 per cent).

n Fourteen Credits (60-84 per cent).

Lisa Gibb, mother of Lucy Schroeder (Year 9), who achieved a high distinction, said, “Dean and I are very proud of Lucy. Her natural curiosity leads to science being a subject that she enjoys very much. Lucy is also very hard working and it’s pleasing to see her achieving such wonderful results.”

Jane Breitfuss wrote of Mitchell (Year 10), who also attained a high distinction, said, “Damian and I are ecstatic to hear of Mitchell wonderful achievement in the Big Science Competition. It is lovely that Mitchell’s achievement is being recognised as he has had a great love for all things scientific from a very young age. We are very proud of him.”

Harry Paradice (Year 8), who also received a Hhigh distinction, said, “I love science and the Big Science Competition helped me show where I sit with my science skills as well as challenging me to understand new scientific concepts.”

His mother, Sarah, emphasised frequent visits to Questacon when Harry was younger.

“I love the way Harry has pure fun with science and seeks as many experiences as he can outside the classroom.” she said.

“This may involve casually discussing any topic of interest at school with Dr Nelson’s weekly science club gatherings. It’s fantastic to see so many experiences available to feed his thirst for all things science.”

Students will have a chance to next enter The Big Science Competition in mid-2014.

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