Darren Longbottom receives the Andrew ‘Skinny’ Goss Club Person of the Year Award with President BSR Football Club, Richard Burgess, Chloe Goss, President BSR Netball Club, Jayne Mills and Cathy Goss. Secretary BSR Netball Club Aimee Goode, president Jayne Mills, Netball Club Person of the Year Sarah Pilkington.

B Grade trophy winners with the football club Andrew Lehmann, left, Aaron Culbertson, Ben Kitschke and Craig Weckert.

FOOTBALL STARS…BSR Football Club A Grade trophy winners Ashley Burgess, left, Nick Cane, Leigh Fuller and Adam MacKenzie.

CHAMPIONS…Netball trophy winners with BSR included Aimee Goode, left, Claudia Kitschke, Olivia Pilkington, Shannon Tilbrook, Abbe Morris, Heidi Dutschke, Millie Heinjus and Simone Lawry.

SLOWDOWN…Some enthusiastic senior players turned out for the BSR Slowdown 2013. The Black team comprised, back, left, Chris Burford, Tom Weckert, Tom Trengove, Robert Tilbrook, Chris Heinjus, Dennis Weckert, Cameron Grigg, Jason McKenzie, Frank Nicholls, Gavin Malycha, John Ramm, Gavin Clark, Colin Goode, Peter Meyer (coach), and, front, Darren Longbottom, Sid Nicholls, Darren Jones, Craig Kreig, Sam Weckert, Nick Burford, Steven Heinjus, Clinton Jones.

TURNING BACK TIME…Umpire Gavin Lehmann, back, left, and Yellow team members Chad Pilkington, Shaun Noonan, Craig Weckert, Ian Phillips, Shane Weckert, Steven Kitschke, Polly Freeman, Aaron Freeman, Joe Schammel, Richard Burgess, Ashley Dunsford, Andrew Lang, Graeme Ashby (coach), and, front, Derek Lawry, Kevin Sims, Adam Moller, Damien Mellow (Coco), Tom Davidson, Wayne Lee, Frank Hayes, Chris Richards, Matt Ashby, Matt Williams and Jack Cousins.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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