LOCATED at the base of Mt Victoria and just off the Great Western Highway Hartley Historic Site is undergoing a major revitalisation program over the next several years.

This to enhance the site’s tourism potential and to provide enhanced facilities and services to the broader community.

Total cost of the revitalisation is approximately $3.2 million and is funded by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Manager of Hartley Historic Site Steve Ring said this year the second Back to Hartley event will held on Sunday and again will be in partnership with the local community to raise awareness of the site and its history, to raise funds for local charities and-or non profit organisations and to promote the wonders of the Central West.

This year the event will be raising funds for the Lithgow Volunteer Rescue Association, Lithgow Lions and the Hartley RFS Brigade.

The event will showcase a variety of arts, crafts and produce from the region, plants, entertainment, vintage cars, a selection of food and drinks including Devonshire teas and a sausage sizzle showcasing local “Shogun wagyu meat”, face painting, petting zoo, Lithgow Folk Club, Sally Anne’s Dancers, sheep shearing, or you can even try your hand at archery, self guided tours of the court house and for the first time Hartley will be the location for Lithgow Council’s Grandparents Day.

“Back to Hartley” will be at Hartley Historic Site, Old Bathurst Road, Hartley on Sunday from 9am to 3 pm.

For further information contact Hartley Historic Site on 6355 2117.

FLASHBACK TO LAST YEAR: Member for Bathurst Paul Toole, the chair of the Hartley Advisory Committee Bob Morris OAM and the late Janet Leslie (founding member of the Hartley Advisory Committee) at the first back to Hartley event in 2012 just before the cutting of the cakes to mark the 175th anniversary of the construction of the Hartley Court House and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Hartley Historic Site. lm102313hartley1

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THERE were plenty of laughs and a chance for everybody to let their hair down at the Nambucca Strikers Football Club end of season event, a glitz and glamour trivia night.

The night was extremely entertaining to say the least, guided by the infamous host, Michael Major.

All who attended dressed in costume … the night was hilarious and a great little fundraiser for the club.

Although they didn’t pick up and major prizes, “the Beauty and the Geeks” were outstanding.

The awards on the night went to:

* Best dressed male: Aaron Lambie

* Best dressed female: Vicki Marriott

* Best dressed couple: Tony Woodland and Annette Grant

* Best Dressed table: The Geeks

* Trivia winners: President’s 11

A special mention and thanks to the organisers, host, judges and sponsors.

Well done everyone and see you all next season.

* More photos in today’s Guardian.

The Geeks

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Coulton’s Catch-Up

The Coalition has made no bones about our plans to abolish the carbon tax. The Coalition was elected with a clear majority of seats and a mandate to scrap the toxic carbon tax. Labor, who introduced the tax in the last term of Government, received its lowest primary vote in many years.

Regional Australians understand that a carbon tax increases the cost of living for all Australians and it has no impact on the environment, as emissions just shift offshore. Repealing the carbon tax will be the first item of business when Parliament resumes on November 12.

Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, has released the first draft of the legislation to repeal the carbon tax and the draft is available on the Department of the Environment website. Public consultation will continue until November 4 and I encourage all of those who are interested to make a submission.

Households will be about $550 better off in the next financial year without a carbon tax in place. Regional Australians are hit hardest by the carbon tax and I believe it is especially important that the Coalition has committed to repealing the carbon tax on fuels used in shipping, rail and air transport.

The ACCC will be charged with monitoring companies to ensure that consumers can feel the benefit of having the carbon tax removed with penalties of up to $1.1 million for corporations and $220,000 for individuals who fail to pass on the price relief.

The Minister for Environment has also moved forward in another key policy commitment. Mr Hunt has worked to create a framework for a one-stop shop to streamline environmental approvals.

The Federal Government will work towards developing a memorandum of understanding with the state governments to reduce red tape, whilst maintaining the high environmental standards which Australians are proud to have.

This is an important reform for regional areas where infrastructure or industrial projects have such a large impact on the local community and the regional economy.

It is important that all appropriate environmental assessments are carried out; however duplication is costly and can often draw out the proposal stage for far too long.

An assessment should be done as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible.

We are at the beginning of the process but I am confident that progress will be made for the benefit of regional Australia.

Regional Australians care about the environment and in fact are in much closer contact with the environment than our metropolitan counterparts.

But we are practical people and government policy should be geared towards outcomes, not meaningless motherhood statements. The removal of the carbon tax and a one-stop shop for environmental approvals are both practical measures which will be beneficial for the Parkes electorate.

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Narromine Sing Australia Group is preparing for a big push towards Christmas this year.

Several members of our group have just returned from the annual muster held this year in Canberra coinciding this year with Floriade and the Canberra centenary celebrations.

Over 900 singers flocked to Canberra during an inspiring weekend of singing, eating, dancing, as well as connecting with other singers from all states of Australia.

During the weekend we were addressed by Peter Cosgrove, Athol Guy and James Morrison who are all patrons of Sing Australia

We have brought back a new Christmas song book which we will be using this festive season. If you would like us to sing at your Christmas function this year could you please contact Ros Reid on 6889 6322 to book your date with us as our appointment book is starting to fill quickly.

We welcome anyone with the desire to sing, in or out of tune. There are no auditions. Singing is known to contribute to physical and mental well being.

We meet each Monday night at 7pm at the Wesley Centre Hall, Dandaloo Street (opposite the medical centre).

On the last Monday of the month we sing at Timbrebongie House and then we go out for dinner as a group.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact Ros on 6889 6322 or Joy on 6889 1006.

Looking forward to singing for and/or with you.

Sing Australia, Narromine

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LIKE ANY other child, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Kirk Donaldson had idealistic dreams of being a magician … but little did the now 21-year-old know, that he would grow up to be just that.

“When I was young, I was captivated by the magicians I saw perform,” Kirk told the Guardian.

“I always felt it was something that needed to be taught and couldn’t be learned out of books or off the TV.

“Now I have someone to explain and teach me the tricks of the trade; it’s great!”

It all happened three years ago when Kirk came to a crossroads in his life, the age-old question of ‘what do I do now I’ve finished school’?, and his parents saw an ad on television that Col Newman, aka Mandrake the Magician, was looking for an apprentice.

The local master of magic had decided to share his knowledge of the trade – before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

News of Mandrake’s impending retirement exploded through different media and the story hit a nerve with those who saw the report, and Col soon had letters from more than 80 eager applicants.

When he learned he’d landed the role coveted by so many keen youngsters, Kirk said he was beyond words.

“I found out and couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“That’s when I packed up, left home and came to the Mid North Coast to learn magic.”

“I can perform in just about any situation or venue and to nearly all ages with what I’ve already learned.

“A lot of magicians or illusionists are restricted but I’ve got some unique Magic that many other magicians simply do not have and the portability makes it easier to entertain more people in more places,” he said.

“I absolutely love to entertain; the ability to take away people’s problems and worries, even if only for a short time, is magic all of its own”

Kirk already has a number of tricks nailed, with one particular specialty up his sleeve.

“The visible sawing in half of a lady, no boxes sheets or covers and the audience gets to examine the saw, watch it cut through a carrot, and finally cut through a lady brave enough to volunteer from the audience,” he said.

“It’s quite the spectacle and luckily no band-aids have been needed yet.”

Since Kirk relocated, he has done several shows on the Mid North Coast, including major events like the Woolgoolga 125 year celebrations, Coffs, Macksville and Bellingen agricultural shows, coach tours at the Macksville Motor Inn and a charity fundraiser for the Macksville dialysis fund.

“I just want to keep building my name, it’s just a process of time.”

MAGICAL CONNECTION: Mandrake the Magician with his apprentice Kirk Donaldson

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IN the era before the V8 Supercars and the once a year overnight dash by exotica the famous Mt Panorama circuit was home to the Easter race meeting that for the most part attracted a vast selection of home grown specials.

And much of the program was filled with specials based on perhaps the best known sports car marque of that time, the legendary MG.

MG specials came in all shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of success and today the survivors bring big money on the classic car market.

This weekend classic MGs return to Bathurst for the Fifth Biennial Pre-War MG National Meeting.

It is expected that more than 65 vehicles will take part, coming from all over Australia and possibly overseas.

Among them an MG NE series imported to Australia to compete in the 1938 Australian Grand Prix at Bathurst.

It failed to finish but came third the following year in the Easter Bathurst 100 (that, by the way, is 100 miles).

Its current owner is bringing the car from Perth.

The cars will be on display outside Bathurst Court House from 9am to midday on Saturday and will then take part in activities at Mt Panorama and various club runs organised by the MG Car Club.

A MORE RELAXED ERA: Believe it or not this was the ‘pit area’ at Mt Panorama in the late 1950s-60s — just find a spot in the paddock beside pit straight. Among the most successful of the MG specials were those prepared by Bathurst enthusiasts Warren Blomfield and (pictured) Max Rowling. The immaculately prepared specials also enjoyed successes at the old Mt Druitt circuit that operated at that time before being swamped by urban sprawl. lm102313mg

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G’day there. Next Friday, November 1, is CWA’s second last meeting for the year. This will commence at 10am, 9.30am for a cuppa. Helen Jeffery will give a lingerie demonstration along with a combined luncheon after the meeting. A decision will be made about our Christmas party which will follow the December 3 meeting.

A very disappointing 10 members attended our AGM on October 4. I believe (being one of the absentees) not all positions of office were filled. Hopefully a larger number will attend next Friday.

Words of Wisdom: Most stress is caused by three things: Money, Family, and Family with no Money!

Chin Wagger Adella

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Bridge was held in Trangie last Monday.

First session North/South winners were Judy Knight and Phyllis Logan. Runners-up were Robyn Jones and Brenda Carter.

First session East/West winners were Kerrie Readford and Larraine Harrison. Runners-up were Jill Irving and Janet Mackinnon.

Second session North/South winners were Ted McCulloch and Elizabeth McKay. Runners-up were David and Helene Lander.

Second session East/West winners were Peter Perry and Rosalie Woods. Runners-up were Carol King and Lynne Armstrong.

Overall winners were Judy Knight and Phyllis Logan. Runners-up were Peter Perry and Rosalie Woods.

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GIVING SIGHT: Local optometrist Elise Pocknee is taking part in the World Sight Day Challenge this month.LOCAL optometrists Phil and Elise Clem and Craig Farmer of Eyre Eye Centre are again taking part in the World Sight Day Challenge this month to raise awareness about avoidable blindness and vision impairment.

On World Sight Day, October 29, they will donate their eye exam fees to global charity Optometry Giving Sight and hold a celebration to help the more than 600 million people in the world who are blind or vision impaired because they do not have access to an eye exam or glasses.

“I have proudly supported Optometry Giving Sight for seven years,” Mrs Pocknee said.

“The World Sight Day Challenge is a very positive campaign because preventable blindness is a solvable problem.

“Most people are surprised to learn that just $5 can be enough to help provide an eye exam and a pair of glasses to someone living in an underserved community.

“Everyone can make a difference.”

Eyre Eye Centre was one of the top 10 contributors to the challenge last year, thanks to community donations as well as the money from eye exams.

This year’s World Sight Day Challenge will feature new ‘people power’ wristbands and build a wall of bricks to encourage everyone who visits Eyre Eye Centre to make a donation and publicly show their support.

People can donate on or before October 29 by visiting Eyre Eye Centre or calling 8682 4566.

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MIINDALA will hold a Remembrance Ceremony to mark All Souls Day, or what is called in Mexico, the Day of the Dead, on Saturday, November 2.

The event will take place from 4pm to 5.30pm in the ‘market grounds’, the park adjoining the big car park behind the Memorial Hall in Bellingen. There will be a ritual remembering and the Bundagen Choir will contribute to the ceremony.

Bring a candle in a glass jar, photos, letters or other memories of your loved one, and a chair or cushion to sit on around the outdoor fire. There will be refreshments afterwards. This ceremony will bring us together as a community to remember all the people we have loved and lost and to acknowledge the many other significant losses we can experience in life.

All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead are traditionally used in many countries around the world and this year the theme is ‘Continuing Bonds’. This gathering will be hosted by the Miindala Bellingen, Coffs and Nambucca shires chapter of NALAG (National Association for Loss and Grief) and is open to the whole community.

Miindala coordinator Anna Chetan Bloemhard said: “Occasions such as this offers us the opportunity to share and support each other in celebrating the continuing bonds that we feel with those who have died.”

Miindala is a volunteer service offering emotional and spiritual support to people facing a life threatening situation (and their family and carers) and support to people who are suffering bereavement from the death of a loved person or any of life’s major losses.

Miindala is not associated with any religious organisation or philosophical outlook.

For further inquiries about Miindala or the this particular event, phone Anna Chetan on 0448 084-92.

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