BLAST FROM THE PAST: Rae Brewster with the West Coast Sentinel dress, which she displayed with Gay Fiebig (nee Tharaldsen) in the West Coast Sentinel to celebrate Streaky Bay’s 75th anniversary in 1963.STREAKY Bay celebrated an important milestone at the weekend with the Streaky Bay District Council celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Events for the weekend included the Jetty Memories exhibition, which opened on Friday evening.

The exhibition displayed items relating to the history of the town, and it’s well known jetty.

This included old photographs, journals and items from the jetty itself.

Jayne Holland of Country Arts SA was emcee for the event andmayor Rob Stephens provided a brief history of the council.

Another history lesson was provided by Rae Brewster, who spoke about her personal experiences relating to the town and the jetty.

The audience were then paid a royal visit from “Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England”, who gave her own personal insight into the Streaky Bay jetty.

She said the jetty had seen a lot happen since it was completed in 1896.

“If it were walked today by one who trod its board in the last days of the 19th century, it’s possible that about the only differences one would notice as they left the shoreline would be the new fencing, particularly on the left where none existed previously, the swimming enclosure and light poles on the right,” she said.

ABC Open’s Emma Pedler showed her video postcard of the Streaky Bay jetty and people were able to vote for a people’s choice artwork.

Streaky Bay student Ryan Trezona won the title and the $300 prize for ‘Streaky Bay Jetty Collage’.

“I’ve had the idea in my head ever since I heard about the competition, so I gathered the photos from the council and got the boogie board from my nan’s house,” he said.

“Art is my favourite subject at school.”

Celebrations continued with the Jetty Festival on Saturday, with hundreds of people going along.

Mayor Rob Stephens said the council had seen a lot of changes in its 125 years, and there was still a lot to come.

“It’s getting exciting with the hospital extension and the sport complex redevelopment going on,” he said.

“Things are happening again, people are showing interest in town and confidence is very good.”

Mr Stephens also commended the redeveloped foreshore and said the council had applied for a stage two grant for more work.

People enjoyed the newly redeveloped jetty precinct and foreshore area and there were activities and entertainment.

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