The water was quite brisk, however there were still quite a few burglars breaking their times.

Apparently, “Our Mate” Col Eldridge dipped his toes in the water on Saturday afternoon and decided he didn’t need to win chickens for a while. Looking forward to seeing you back Col.

After the swim, we headed back to the RSL for the famous Splashers breakfast.

Some of our Splashing fraternity are in travel mode. The Cluderay’s are cruising to the Land of the Long White Cloud to study NZ swimming techniques. On their return, I’m sure we’ll learn new burglaring methods.

Dick “Wireless” Whiteford and wife Bev are travelling to see family and country music festivals.

Good to see Penny “Bomber” Hoy back and striking early good form with a win in the 100 metres final.

AIF Swimming Championships will be held at Nelson Bay, mid March, 2014.

The Finn Family are well-represented in the Splashers. Noel, Lisa and Hayley swam on Sunday and “Do the Lot” Don Finn swam the previous Sunday.

New members are always welcome.

Come along to the local swimming pool 9am every Sunday for a morning of health, fun and fellowship.

All swimming events are handicapped or nominated times, so it doesn’t matter how slow or fast you are, everyone has an equal chance of winning the succulent Splashers Chickens.

Sunday’s results were:-

30 Metres Final

1st Hayley “Power Point” Finn

2nd Nigel “Swivel Neck” Tyack

3rd Vicki “ Chicken Queen” Cluderay

50 Metres Final 1st Lyn “Mouse” Hodge

2nd Nigel “Swivel Neck” Tyack

3rd Lisa “Little Spark” Herbert

Brace Relay Final 1st “Rollin Ron Lovett and Greg “Sneakin” Deacon (1.50 seconds outside their nominated time.)

2nd “Curly Col” & Vicky “Chicken Queen” Cluderay

3rd Lisa “Little Spark” Herbert & Lyn “Mouse” Hodge

100 Metres Final 1st Penny “Bomber” Hoy

2nd “Curly Col” Cluderay

3rd Greg “Sneakin” Deacon

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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