Blayney Shire Council has received $85,000 in NSW Government funding to prepare a new vision for the economic future of the town, the Member for Bathurst Paul Toole announced on Tuesday.

The $85,000 in funding for the review is part of more than $2.3 million being distributed by the NSW Government to support robust long-term planning for new homes and jobs in line with the new planning system.

Mr Toole said a Blayney 2020 Masterplan would prove invaluable for the town.

“The Masterplan will help council understand the current economic situation and recommend ways to improve the competitive position of the town with a focus on creating jobs,” said Mr Toole.

“Two key priorities will be to evaluate the development of existing and potential intermodal freight operations and to establish an industrial enterprise corridor.

This is expected to bode well for a multi-regional push to revive the Blayney-Demondrille rail line – as reported in last week’s Blayney Chronicle, four operators have officially expressed interest in using the line.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Planning Craig Baumann said the Blayney 2020 Masterplan was one of 27 council projects that had received grants ranging from $26,000 to $200,000 under round eight of the Planning Reform Fund.

“This is vital work that councils are doing and I am very pleased that the NSW Government is able to support it,” Mr Baumann said.

“This funding is in line with the new planning system to put a lot more time and effort into strategic planning – deciding upfront how we want neighbourhoods, suburbs, towns and cities to look.”

Blayney Shire Council’s general manager Glenn Wilcox and mayor Scott Ferguson did not respond to the Blayney Chronicle’s request for a comment before we went to print.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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