Metropolitan firefighters from interstate have backed up hundreds of NSW colleagues who were heading out to help rural crews in the bushfire emergency.

Up to 170 NSW Fire and Rescue tankers and engines with almost 800 officers were sent to fire-ravaged communities in the Blue Mountains yesterday.

Ten crews from Queensland and 10 from Melbourne arrived in Sydney today to man metropolitan posts.

It’s one of the largest mobilisations in the history of Fire and Rescue NSW, Commissioner Greg Mullins said.

He said the fire threat in the Blue Mountains was unparalleled and warranted the “unprecedented number” of resources.

Firefighters are battling to get on top of the Blue Mountains fires ahead of worsening conditions today.

The 1994 bushfires and 1997 Sydney hailstorm are the only other incidents that required such widespread mobilisation.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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