DORSET Mayor Barry Jarvis got in touch with his inner child at Friday’s launch of the 2014 North East Rivers Festival at Winnaleah District High School.

As well as participating with festival director Lynden Russell, Bass Labor MHA Brian Wightman and Karen Campbell in the fast and furious dry land boat races, in which the Punk Rockers team, unfortunately finished dead last, Cr Jarvis demonstrated the balance often needed to negotiate the local government decision making process.

Festival director Lynden Russell said that Cr Jarvis rode an electric-powered skateboard, only to later explain that the battery was getting flat and, with his weight, it was not able to go very fast on the tarmac of the basketball court.

Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis, Gayle Edson, of Bridport, and festival president Gary Thomas at the launch of the 2013 North East Rivers Festival.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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