PEOPLE are urging residents across the Eyre and Western Local Service Area to secure their valuable property to protect it from thieves.

Over the last week seven vehicles have been broken into in Port Lincoln, with other incidents also reported in Ceduna.

Police are also investigating break-ins, of both residential and non-residential properties in Ceduna.

Locking your home and removing valuables from plain sight are simple steps which can deter opportunistic thieves from taking property.

Police recommend valuable items be marked with an engraver, ultra violet (UV) pen or microdots.

It is also recommended that residents who may be in the garden or outside still lock a screen door and ensure their home’s windows are locked.

If people see groups or individuals hanging around a street or behaving in a suspicious manner, report it to police immediately on 131 444.

WARNING: Police said people should lock their homes and limit any opportunity for break ins.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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