During the past three months, we’ve seen seven mixed teams fight it out for the right to be the 2013 Nyngan Futsal champions.

Lots of laughs and lots of skill were displayed each week. We had teams from the local mines, police, schools and local businesses this year.

The grand final came down to the two top teams of ‘The Tazers’ and ‘Mixmash’. Dan Cooper, Dan McIntosh, Lucy Reid and others up against the might of Andrew Bockos, Richard Perry, Elecia Sandall and co.

The standard was extremely high throughout an absorbing grand final tussle.

Two 15-minute halves couldn’t separate the teams with the score locked at 7-all.

Going into extra time, the tension just soared to a new level.

The Tazers looked set to take their first title with a crucial goal but ‘Mixmash’ equalised with seconds remaining. Yeehaa!

The two tired teams were up for some more extra time looking for that elusive golden goal. The crowd roared and cheered every tackle and watched as the two weary teams battled it out.

The moment came when man of the match, Dan Cooper, sliced through and scored the winning goal. 9-8 was the final result in favour of ‘The Tazers’.

Thanks to all of those who played this season and I look forward to seeing you all again next year as you try to wrestle the title away from the local police.

o The Tazers: Lucy Reid, Dan McIntosh, Luke Edwards, Dan Cooper, Kira Sweet, Stephanie Wynne, Irene Tarasenko, Mick Cobcroft, Joel Breaden (away).

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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