The damaged practice pitch. A Molotov cocktail might have been used.

The peaceful village of Berridale has been rocked by senseless vandalism over the weekend with the practice cricket pitch at the oval being set alight and damaged beyond repair.

It follows recent damage to trees and graffiti in local parks.

Unfortunately both practice cricket pitches will need to be replaced, at considerable cost to ratepayers an residents – probably running into many thousands of dollars.

It’s money the Snowy River Shire Council doesn’t have available. Other programs might have to be cut to pay for new pitches.

Council general manager Joe Vescio has condemned the latest vandalism, which seems to have involved some inflammable liquid.

He said it might have been a Molotov cocktail.

“Both cricket pitches have been damaged in the attack and will need to be replaced. Who does this to their community?” he said.

“It will interrupt training for young local teams and ultimately our community will have to fit the bill.”

The police have been notified and are investigating this latest incident.

If members of the community have any information regarding the damage to the cricket pitch, please contact the Berridale Police Station on 6456 3244.

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